Attendee Profile

Senior-level professionals from government agencies, contractors and technology service providers with the following responsibilities:

Director of Special Operations Programs

Program Manager SOF Programs

C4 Engineer, Special Programs Coordinator

Director of Advanced Programs

Foreign Affairs Officer, VP National Security

Counterterrorism Analyst

VP Sales and Business Development

Combat Development

Development Advisor

Account Executive

Manager of Government Relations

Military and Industry Program Managers

SOF Capability Developer, Project Manager

Special Communications Analyst, Weapons Integration

Coordinator- Counter Terrorism, Acquisition Executive

Acquisition Agility Director

Co-Director- Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups

Director- Strategic Operational Planning

Special Operations Policy Analyst

Senior Development Advisor, Senior Program Analyst

Division Director, Senior Innovation Advisor

Defense Fellow

Chief, Sensitive Special Operations Directorate

Strategic Engagement & Initiatives Deputy Division Chief

Vice President

National & Homeland Security

Senior Director – US Army & USSOCOM Tactical Systems

Technology Transition Program Manager